Africa4Future 2020 Set to Unveil the latest Startups at Virtual Showcase

On Thursday, June 11th, 2020, the virtual showcase of the third edition of the Africa4Future will unveil 10 newest African companies from the programme using remote sensing technology (satellite imagery) to address the food insecurity and infrastructure deficit challenges across the continent.

The online event powered by Airbus Bizlab, Make-IT in Africa (a project implemented by GIZ), UP42, and implemented by CcHUB, will bring together investors, corporate executives and stakeholders from all around the world to interact with solutions that are creating new benchmarks for yield prediction, improving access to finance for farmers, reducing post-harvest losses through innovative logistics infrastructure and improving productivity for livestock farmers, amongst others.

With a focus on remote sensing for precision agriculture and infrastructure development; the showcase would feature 10 African startups from 7 countries namely; AgriEdge, Agrorite, Crop2Cash, DMM.HeHe, Epinec, Fastagger, Flamingo Foods, GrowForMe, RuralFarmers Hub and XY Analytics originating from Ghana, Morocco, Nigeria, Kenya, Rwanda, South Africa and Tanzania.

The accelerator, a 3-month long programme, is designed to support the startups through a joint collaboration with Airbus and GIZ, with a Proof of Concept (POC) at the end of the programme. The showcase is, therefore, a great opportunity for stakeholders interested in collaborating with innovative startups in the Agriculture and Infrastructure sector to connect and engage with them. 

#Africa4Future is a joint-accelerator programme launched by Airbus BizLab and “Make-IT in Africa,” an initiative developed by GIZ, the German agency for international cooperation, UP42, a developer platform and marketplace for geospatial data and analytics; and implemented by Co-creation Hub (CcHUB).

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