FISE and KaiOS offer world’s first 4G phone with an integrated thermometer

FISE and KaiOS Technologies  announced the world’s first 4G phone that includes a built-in infrared thermometer, allowing users to conduct temperature checks accurate down to 0.2 degrees Celsius.

Developed in response to COVID-19 and the resulting urgent global demand for on-the-go temperature monitoring, this new KaiOS-enabled smart feature phone also comes with 4G connectivity, Google Assistant, and popular apps like WhatsApp, YouTube, Facebook, and Google Maps.

Real-time temperature monitoring is crucial to helping curb the global pandemic, and this new device makes checking your temperature easy and convenient. Users simply hold the thermometer near the subject’s forehead for just one second for a precise, contactless temperature reading. This is particularly valuable in emerging markets, where the digital divide limits access to medical tools and information, and mobile phones serve as individual’s most affordable and convenient gateway to the internet.

One-touch temperature readings are essential in managing this global pandemic, and we’re proud to create a mobile device that makes such testing more accessible to the world. KaiOS is the perfect platform for creating a mobile device that’s both capable and affordable, allowing us to seamlessly combine a precise infrared thermometer with powerful internet and communications capabilities.

Tony Han, VP of FISE

“We’re excited to work with FISE to assist governments, medical professionals, and others in need throughout the struggle against COVID-19,” said Sebastien Codeville, CEO of KaiOS Technologies. “Mobile phones are ubiquitous in daily life; we hope that this solution for crucial temperature monitoring in an affordable, easy-to-use device will help prevent the spread of this disease and save lives around the world.”

This groundbreaking mobile device is available for testing and ordering now from FISE, and expected to ship to markets around the world in the coming months.

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