SEACOM Unveils WonderNet – a New FTTH Solution to Support Consumers

South African homes have shifted to be fully online as we embrace home working, home schooling and even home socialising. Everything we do requires connectivity – and with a much higher demand for capacity and quality, slow speeds and unreliable Internet connections just won’t cut it.

Considering this, SEACOM has launched WonderNet – a new consumer-focused, Fibre to the Home (FTTH) offering that combines the capacity every home needs with the quality of SEACOM’s connectivity. By responding to the growing needs of consumers across the country, WonderNet supports homebound families with a full turn-key solution that makes things easier, faster, and more reliable.

Linked to one of Africa’s leading Internet service providers, WonderNet provides superior service and comes from a heritage of quality – something that is synonymous with the SEACOM brand.

Consumers require a simple, fast and effective way to do business and connect themselves and more importantly, their families, with the digital world. Traditional methods of doing business don’t cater to the consumer anymore. This is how the WonderNet concept was born.

Matthew Campbell, Head of FTTH and SME at SEACOM

“It’s a very competitive space,” adds Steve Briggs, Chief Commercial Officer at SEACOM, “but ISPs that plan to have a long-term play in FTTH will be those that offer superior customer experience and automated systems with great digital interfaces. But it goes further than this, you also have to have a product that addresses reliability, speed, and real Internet protection from outside cybersecurity attacks, and WonderNet is that product.”

“Importantly,” Briggs notes, “we’ve invested in a digital platform, including an app, to enable a seamless self-service. We want to create a great consumer product and an even better customer experience.”

With WonderNet, customers can enjoy a fully online, automated, and seamless user journey as well as month-to-month contracts without any installation fees or long-term commitments. SEACOM has a custom-developed digital platform that it plans to launch mid-May 2020, which keeps users engaged and informed throughout their entire journey with WonderNet.

Our mobile app-driven, one touch-point architecture, allows consumers to easily check their usage, invoicing, and how their order is progressing. You can also perform speed tests and log support tickets. This means 24/7/365 support without the frustration of sitting on calls, and because our call centre agents are qualified and trained technicians, issues will be caught and resolved instead of being dispatched.

Matthew Campbell, Head of FTTH and SME at SEACOM

Another differentiator is that WonderNet’s app will help customers to self-diagnose technical issues and offer recommendations to fix common problems. WonderNet offers a range of uncapped, unthrottled packages from 10Mbps through to 1Gbps.

All packages include a standard Wi-Fi enabled router, without upfront costs and can be purchased on a month-to-month option. There is also no Fair Usage Policy (FUP) and, as customers have come to expect from Africa’s leading network provider, no contention ratios.

WonderNet will also offer a range of value-added benefits that have been devised specifically to suit the needs of families, and people who work from home.

WonderNet is focused on keeping things simple, while at the same time ensuring the continuity of home connectivity in South Africa. Most importantly, we are here to support families across the country while keeping them connected. Together, we can rise above this pandemic and adapt how we live, work, and connect.

Steve Briggs, Chief Commercial Officer at SEACOM

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