Vodacom Business broadens its Digital Smart Service Offering through partnership with Accenture

The company announced a partnership with Accenture to broaden its Digital Transformation Smart Service Offering through Cloud, Security and Analytics capabilities.

Vodacom Business COO, Nadya Bhettay
Vodacom Business COO, Nadya Bhettay

The partnership is part of Vodacom’s drive to deliver integrated solutions based on deep industry value chain knowledge.

The business landscape is changing, competitive barriers are disappearing, making the speed and agility to market critical components in the digital world. Innovative digital solutions take into account best of class digital platforms, tools, applications and services as well as Vodacom’s world class network to ensure a successful digital transformation journey for Vodacom Business clients.

Our partnership with Accenture will help drive our clients’ digital transformation journey by offering latest technology and innovative services. The aim is to create an industry-specific approach for our clients that will enhance their business through digitalisation. Teaming up with Accenture will fuel innovation and help solve our diverse clients’ critical problems at speed and scale.

Vodacom Business COO, Nadya Bhettay

Through the next-generation industry experience, leading technologies, and our scalable delivery network, Accenture provides a powerful range of capabilities that can be tailored to complex customer needs throughout the digital transformation journey.  

Cloud technologies today offer new IT potential through faster, more flexible and resilient capabilities.

Kirtan Sita Accenture Technology MD in Africa

Digital transformation requires business-focused competencies while embracing and implementing new technologies in the workplace. Vodacom Business’ Digital Transformation Smart Service Offering is an ecosystem-wide programme which brings rich market and industry-insights, opening the door for the co-creation of new industry or client-specific use cases and solutions.

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