beIN launches new cinema service which offers the latest international movies

The company’s latest ON DEMAND service brings the cinema to millions of homes across MENA during the CORONA crisis

beIN has announced a cooperation with film distributors so that it can provide the latest movies straight to subscribers before they are seen in the cinema.

With cinemas closed across the region due to the coronavirus pandemic, this new collaboration has been launched so that new movies can be kept alive and offered immediately to families and households across MENA.

The new cinema replacement service, launched today, offers a large value for families. For the price of one cinema ticket ($10) per movie, the whole household can watch, enjoy, and share the entertainment that has never been seen before and wasn’t due to be released to cinemas until later next month.

The new service also offers vital support to film distributors, who can now make their movies available to families across the region during this challenging period. More than 20 new movies will be released and available on beIN ON DEMAND under CINEMA category in April and May.

First up this month are some of the most eagerly anticipated international films of 2020 that have never been released, including:

  • The Song of Names (starring Catherine McCormack, Tim Roth & Clive Owen): Several years after his childhood friend, a violin prodigy, disappears on the eve of his first solo concert, an Englishman travels throughout Europe to find him
  • Into the Labyrinth (starring Dustin Hoffman): A kidnapped girl resurfaces after being imprisoned by her captor. A psychological profiler and a private investigator must work together to find her torturer
  • Hope Gap (starring Bill Nighy & Annette Bening): A couple’s visit with their son takes a dramatic turn when the father tells him he plans on leaving his mother

At this incredibly difficult time, we know that people and families across MENA are looking for inspiration, light relief, and something positive to entertain them whilst they are being asked to stay indoors. beIN is proud to play its part during this crisis, and we’re thrilled to launch this new service with film distributors so that, together, we can provide the latest movies straight to subscribers whilst cinemas are closed.

Yousef Al-Obaidly, CEO of beIN MEDIA GROUP

This latest beIN entertainment launch follows a range of major announcements from beIN just a few weeks ago to help families across the region adjust to life at home for the foreseeable future.

The sports and entertainment group has already delivered a remarkable array of entertainment upgrades and additional services to current and new subscribers.

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