Liquid Telecom Announces 50% Free additional data for enterprise customers

Liquid Telecom today announced that from the 23rd of March , it will avail 20% to 50% of free additional bandwidth to their corporate customers in a move to appreciate their business partners.

Speaking during a press conference under the theme Promise of higher-capacity and faster internet, Liquid stated that it needs to help enterprises maintain service delivery and operations against backdrop of worsening economic situation in Zimbabwe. 

Furthermore they announced that thousands of their enterprise customers would automatically benefit from enhanced internet connectivity across the company’s fibre network.

The Regional CEO for Liquid Southern African Region said, “Liquid Telecom is playing a vital role supporting businesses and the customers they serve with faster, higher capacity internet without additional expense. As a result, many organisations across Zimbabwe should be in a stronger position to maintain service delivery. 

“Beginning this Month of March 2020 many enterprises will benefit from increased internet band width with speeds of up to fifty per cent faster and without any additional costs.” said Makamure

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