NAPAfrica reaches 1 Terabit Internet milestone, making it the seventh largest IXP in the world

Teraco has announced that Africa’s largest Internet Exchange Point (IXP), NAPAfrica, has reached a landmark with 1 Terabit per second (Tbps) of peak traffic.

According to Andrew Owens, Manager of Interconnection & Peering at Teraco, this is not only a significant milestone for the exchange, but also for the continent.

The NAP Africa members, including global content and cloud providers, over 250 telecommunication providers, managed service providers and a growing enterprise base, are the driving force behind achieving this momentous goal.

Andrew Owens, Manager of Interconnection & Peering at Teraco

Launched in 2012, NAPAfrica first recorded traffic of 532Mbps. Eight years later the exchange has reached 1Tbps, showing an impressive 1884 X growth. The exchange started with 5 members and today has in excess of 440 unique ASNs connected from across the world, including 26 African countries: “In a relatively short space of time NAPAfrica has become a significant contributor to the Internet ecosystem within Africa. This was one of our ultimate goals, to be of value to our members and to sustainably develop the African Internet ecosystem” says Owens.

NAPAfrica’s recent growth has been driven by the uptake in networks and enterprises accessing key content and cloud. In addition to the general use of the Internet across Africa visiting popular sites such as Netflix, Facebook, YouTube and other key internet applications.

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