ZTE and MTN unveiling first 5G SA network in East Africa

ZTE and MTN Uganda have jointly launched the first 5G SA network in East Africa, demonstrating 5G use case at an event on the theme “Experience the Future Together”, which takes place in the garden of Nyonyi, Kampala, Uganda.

ZTE and MTN Uganda presented a high-speed 5G SA network in the bandwidth of the 60 MHz spectrum with an actual speed of more than 1.494 Gbps, which can support a variety of applications, such as Gigabit without fiber optics, Cloud XR, ultra-HD live streaming, automatic driving and remote surgery. It is the first 5G SA network in East Africa. Its deployment and operation adopt ZTE’s end-to-end 5G equipment, including Common Core, to achieve complete separation of the signaling plan and the data plan without relying on the existing LTE EPC core network. Additionally, the network can support typical 5G applications, including uRLLC and mMTC, through a smooth upgrade.

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Source: http://nextvafrica.com/zte-and-mtn-unveiling-first-5g-sa-network-in-east-africa/

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