KBC and China’s National Radio and Television Administration ink deal to broadcast Chinese TV series in Kenya

Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC) has inked a partnership deal with China’s National Radio and Television Administration to air a Chinese TV drama series, “Feather Flies to the Sky”, in Kenya. This will promote cultural exchanges.

Under the new collaboration, KBC will air 55 episodes of the TV series on KBC Channel 1. This series is expected to be available on the channel with four episodes per week.

 The Managing Director of KBC, Dr. Naim Bilal, declared, “Today’s launch cements further the relationship between the two nations. It will be a refreshing break for the Kenyan audience to watch content from the Orient after many years of watching movies from the West. Local content creators should take advantage of the huge market in China to also export films to the country in exchange.’’

The Director of content division, TV drama department of the National Radio and Television Administration, Zhu Zhengwen, said, “We want to share with Kenyans the secret of being successful…

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Source: http://nextvafrica.com/kbc-and-chinas-national-radio-and-television-administration-ink-deal-to-broadcast-chinese-tv-series-in-kenya/

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