GITGE EDUCA: GITGE Introduces Free WiFi in all Public Schools in Equatorial Guinea

Published in LinkedIn by Oscar Ondo, Director-General at GITGE:

“Following from our successful social impact and corporate social responsibility programs: GITGE Conéctate and TEG Campus; it is apparent that GITGE is heavily focused on youth development in the ICT sector. We have made it our job to bridge the gap between access to funding, education, social support, mentorship and capacity building, for the young citizens of Equatorial Guinea and we have now decided to take it a step further.

To ensure our youths are able to intersect tech with education every day of their lives, we have implemented a program called GITGE EDUCA. GITGE EDUCA is an initiative whereby all the public schools in Equatorial Guinea will be connected to free WiFi services. GITGE will also refurbish and donate computer labs to schools, as well as developing impactful tech activities throughout the school year.

We want to ensure children from the very earliest levels of their education begin to develop a healthy interest in tech, and also give our children the means by which they can develop and perfect that interest.

The program will be launched this month as a pilot project and the kickoff will be officially set in motion in January 2020. We’re calling on all interested individuals and organizations to join GITGE in collaborating to create, yet another successful social impact initiative.

As we invest in the future of our children, we are also investing in the future of Equatorial Guinea.”


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